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Aughadreena NS CD

5th and 6th class participated in the J.E.P. Project. We were put into groups to come up with an idea that we thought would be successful. A few weeks later the dragons came to our school to decide which project would be most successful. The chosen product was the Aughadreena CD by Keelin, Riona, Darragh, James and Grace. The first thing the group had to do was to get their CD licenced to record the CD (the licence cost €55). Each class chose two songs. 5th and 6th chose four. We had a lot of work ahead of us so we got to work. Johno Leader recorded the CD on Wednesday 20th of February in the school hall. Crystal Media created the CD and we had our showcase day on the 6th of March where we presented our project to our parents and the Dragons. We’ve sold over 100 CDs far. The CD sounds great and we are very proud of it. We learned a lot about being an entrepreneur. If you would like to buy a copy please contact the school.

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