Concern Debates League

We held a concern debate in our school last month. The other school were very strong .We had to do a lot of research on the topic ‘Food waste should be illegal’. On the day our team was Keelin, Riona, and Katie. They put up a very good case against the opposition. There were two judges .The judges had to make a difficult choice to see who the better team was. Keelin was our captain Riona was a second speaker and Katie was our third speaker and I was one of the subs .At last the judges made a decision. Our team were the winner! The judges said we were a very good team and congratulated us on our win. The next stage of the debating competition takes place on Wednesday 23rd in Corcreagh NS, She

Young Entrepreneur

In our school 5th and 6th class are making a C.D because it was the winning project in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. We have not decided on the type of music but we could have pop ,classic, Irish, traditional and rock music on the C.D. Mrs Lynch will put us in groups. Some of us will be looking at production cost of the C.D some of us will be in charge of marketing the C.D . Every class in the school will be singing on the C.D which will be recorded in the school. We hope to sell lots of C.Ds and that it will be a success. By Chloe

6th Class Bake sale

On the 14th December 2018 6th class organised a bake sale in the school hall. Their aim was to raise money for the school playground and the charity Focus Ireland. The 6th class began by gathering tables and preparing the hall for the big day. When they got home they had to bake lots of delicious treats. On the day of the bake sale 6th class arranged the goods for sale and priced all items. There was a great selection of yummy treats such as buns, rice Krispy buns, ginger bread muffins , marshmallow sticks and cakes . Another great idea by the 6th class to make more money was a competition called Guess the weight. Pupils paid a euro to guess the weight of the cake and if they were correct th

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