Board of Management

The Board of Management is responsible for the overall running of Aughadreena N.S on behalf of the Patron Most Reverend Bishop Leo O'Reilly. The current term of office is 2015-2019 and the members are:

Chairperson:                               Mr. Philip Kiernan        (Patron Nominee)

Treasurer:                                             Mr. Walter Bourgoin    (Parent Nominee)

Secretary:                                             Mrs. Bernadette Fitzpatrick  (Staff  Nominee/Principal)

Health & Safety Representative:     Mrs. Gillian Fay              (Parent Nominee)

                                                                Ms. Assumpta Hannon (Staff Nominee)

                                                                Fr. Andrew Tully             (Patron Nominee)

                                                                Mr. Seamus Smith         (Community Nominee)

                                                                Mrs. Bríd Fitzsimons     (Community Nominee)

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