Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Aughadreena National School

Health and Well-Being

Mindful Mondays and Thoughtful Thursdays

Here at Aughadreena NS we are making a huge effort to look after our general health and well-being.  Exercise and healthy eating have always been very important to us. We are a very active school making sure to get as much exercise and fresh air as possible each day. We are currently participating in the Food Dudes Programme where we recieve one portion of fruit and one portion of veg each day at school. Yum!

We're also doing 'The Daily Mile'. Each class group takes time out to jog/walk/run laps of the school, equivilant to a mile, every day. A fantastic way to get some exercise and fresh air in a fun atmosphere with your friends. 

This year we decided to add weekly Mindfulness sessions to our timetable. Pupils are taken in small groups so they can benefit fully from the guided meditations, breathing exercises and discussions. The darkened room and laveder oil scent really helps to set the scene for some time out and relaxation. The children enjoy hearing the 'singing bowl' at the end of each session where we join in together for 'Namasté' and agree to try our best to 'Be kind to ourselves and be kind to others' - a key message for life.

​Practicing mindfulness has been shown to improve attention and reduce stress as well as increase one's ability to regulate emotions and feel compassion and empathy.

We currently have yoga classes running in the school on Thursdays. Each class group has their own tailor made programme which they enjoy following with Catherine, our visiting yoga instructor.

Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves.

Keep an eye on our Health Promotion Page on the Blog for up-to-date displays and information.