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Grandparents Day 2019

If you could look into my heart,

How quickly you would see,

The special place you hold there,

And how much you mean to me.

~Ron Tramner


Junior and Senior Infants

We celebrated Grandparents day on 30th January. We made cards for our grandparents to show them how much we love them.

We chatted about how helpful our grandparents are and how we appreciate them. 

We hope you liked you cards. 

1st and 2nd made some puppets which they presented to their grandparents. Some of the finished products really resembeled the grannies and grandads they were modelled on!


3rd and 4th Class wrote letters to their grandparents telling them how much they appreciate them and thanking them for all their help and support.

5th and 6th Class interviewed their grandparents and wrote reports on their findings.


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