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                                                Dog’s Trust Visit


Dogs Trust came to visit first and second class on Monday 15th of January.

We were very lucky as Magic ( the greyhound) also visited.

We picked up some tips to be DOG SMART

  1. Never disturb a dog when they’re eating or drinking

  2. Never disturb a dog when they’re in bed

  3. Never approach a dog who isn’t with their owner

  4. Never tease a dog, even if you think it is only fun

  5. Always move calmly and quietly around dogs

  6. If you’re uncomfortable around a dog, do the X factor

  7. Remember, you can never know how a dog is feeling.

  8. Always ask the owner for permission before you pet their dog

  9. Let the dog sniff your SAFE HAND before you rub them

  10. Always walk your dog with an adult

  11. Always treat dogs with respect

We practised the X Factor in class and how to use our SAFE HAND.

Magic was very well behaved and we enjoyed having him in our class.



Tel: 049-4330549


Opening Hours: 9.10 - 3.00  

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